solar pumps

Solar Pump has a small power house and calibrated
solar modules. It can be tuned with any particular
pumping system for any particular work, like
irrigation pump, submersible pump. Deep or
surface well can easily be associated with this drip
irrigation for enhancing the results.


  •  Easy &low maintenance
  •  High life expectancy
  •  Versatile applications
  • Central & state govt. subsidies
  • Under and over voltage protection
  • Reverse polarity &dryrun protection
  • Works from dawn to dusk
  • Noenergy consumption
  • Nodependency on any other fuel or conventional sources
  • Reliable water supply


  • Operation hours are during daytime, when it is needed the most
  • Can operate with or without grid power or DG set
  • Battery-less system
  • Plug-and-play type system.
  • Easy to install and Operate
  • Product range available from 1 Hp to 100 HP
  • Tracking type structure to enhance the power yield.
  • High quality components ensure long life and hassle free operation
  • An AC motor (rather than a DC motor) ensures easier and lastet repairs and services at local levels.
  • Under/Over voltage and Dry run protection