Solar Panels

Solar Rooftop System

Solar rooftop system is a useful way of producing
cost effective electricity for domestic and
commercial purpose. This infrastructure can be
mounted on the roof of houses and offices for
domestic power generation. For commercial power
generation usually large commercial fields are
required. It is made up of a set of PV modules, and it
converts solar power into electrical power.

Industrial /Commercial Solar Power Plant

We provide end to end solutions for Roof-top Solar PV systems,Ground-mounted PV systems and Energy storage systems.

  • Energy assessment and site survey.
  • System Engineering and Design.
  • Procurement of components.
  • Permits and approvals from various government agencies.
  • Installation of the system.
  • Commissioning of the system.
  • Project management to manage entire project across its
    life cycle and ensure completion within allotted time-frame.
  • Performance monitoring and management of the system after
  • Remote monitoring and Asset management.

Ground Mounted Solar Power Plant

We provide customers’ excellence in operating and maintaining Solar PV power plants using our Remote monitoring system for Solar PV plants and achieve maximum throughput from the operating assets.
Our Remote monitoring platform provides our customers with following benefits:

  • Dashboards for monitoring ofall KPls in the plant in real-time.
  • Dashboards for real-time monitoring of the health-status of all critical components in the Solar PV system.
  • Historical storage/database of the key operating parameters in the plant.
  • Smart analysis modules to monitor and predict component failures, plant performance etc. Using Aland machine-learning.
  • User-friendly reporting engine to create customized reports based on plant parameters at customized intervals.